Thursday, February 10, 2011

Theory Of Evolution

The mistake done by the most of the scholars of our time is that they tried to interpret Islam in the context of every scientific theory whether it's right or not. To explain the reason for "Shahab-e-saqib" by science may have been easy and could possibly be explained but "Nazaria-e-Irtiqa" or theory of evolution can not be certified. .

For example the theory of evolution demands that a man should always be in a state of prosperity i.e he was an ape, than a person , then the Qabeela (tribal) system took place and then social society is formed etc etc, Hence it means that life of a human is always on the road of success.

On the other hand religion tells us that in the life of hereafter the person who has done good deed will be in jannah (in accordance to nazaria-e-irtiqa or theory of evolution) but the one in hell doesn't fit it. Hence people deny the existence of hell. And few of those . who accepts hell doesn't consider it as a place for punishment ! but consider it as an obstacle and a place of "Training".

Hence those in favor of theory of evolution changes the whole philosophy of religion that life is an exam and make's this life a place in which there will always be prosperity. .

Many other examples can be given in order to defy this theory , but the sad thing is that most of our scholars instead of proving a scientific theory wrong tries to com-pulsate it in the theory of religion.

Note that many of the scientific researchers also don't acknowledge this theory as an authentic one ! Even all the scientists don't believe in theory of evolution. Sir Aurthur KEITH (Scottish anatomist) in 1953 said that:

"Evolution is unproved and unproveable. We believe it only because the alternative is special creation which is unthinkable."

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